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Achieving the perfect facade for your Clarendon home

The facade you choose for your home is the first thing that every person that walks past sees, leaving a memorable impression. Whether your facade comes alive at night or is the centrepiece of the street during the day, choosing the perfect facade for your home is an important decision. 

What your home looks like on the outside can create a certain perception for what it will look like on the inside.

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How Do You Figure Out Which Facade Is Perfect For Your Clarendon Home

Firstly, we recommend viewing our Facades Gallery on our website to view our full range of facade options we have available. Alternatively, each of our home designs showcase a variety of facades that are specifically available for that home, helping you to visualise what the front of your home can look like. 

Choosing a facade should complement the rest of your home’s interior, so you may want to select a facade that embodies the theme of the home. Whether you want to showcase a laid back coastal look or sport a luxuriously modern theme, the facade colours and textures can be chosen to match the interior. Landscaping plays a key part in shaping the exterior of your home so if you have an idea of what you’ll be doing with your garden, that will help with your facade. This also works vice versa.

Similar to landscaping, lighting plays an important part in your facade’s streetscape. Creative lighting lining your path to your front door can highlight the height of your facade, whereas a statement porch light can illuminate your beautiful front door. Finally, the materials you pick for your facade will also tell a tale about your home. Earthy tones with a gorgeous stone column will create an eye-catching feature on your street. 

Some people prefer a Hamptons style home with cladding and shades of blue, whilst others prefer an industrial look featuring exposed brick to contrast with render. Make sure you pick materials and colours you love to showcase your home, as you’ll be seeing it daily!

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Can You Customise Clarendon's Facades?

Yes! Clarendon Homes wants you to be in control of your dream home and that’s why we allow some changes to our facades subject to cost. Have a look through our facade gallery to gain some inspiration for different colours and feature materials to add onto your new facade. 

The last thing to note is that you get a choice between modern Colorbond roof or roof tiles in a range of colours and profiles depending on which style you prefer.

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Will A Nicer Facade Add Value To The Home?

Absolutely. Creating a nice exterior for your home will add street appeal and ultimately increase the overall value of your home. Before purchasing a property, it’s very common to drive past it to determine if you’re interested before formally contacting an agent. That first impression that every person receives when driving past your home could be the difference in a sale.

Not only does it create street appeal, but some facades have additional features such as balconies or bigger windows. Thus adding appeal to the interior as well as the exterior because it could provide more light in the home or provide an outdoor area upstairs. This could be a game changer on smaller lots that don’t have as much backyard, or lots with a gorgeous front yard view.

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Does The Block Size Matter When Choosing A Facade?

Whilst the general consensus is no, it’s best to check with a consultant when choosing your facade. As mentioned earlier, some facades have additional features on them that could change how far your porch extends. To talk to a sales consultant regarding facade options, head to your nearest display centre.  

Further to this, the frontage of your block can help determine which facade is best for your lot. Wider facades will be able to better accommodate larger windows and doors, whereas smaller facades may not be able to. A wide or corner lot could also mean your porch extends further than normal, giving you the advantage of some extra seating space to enjoy a coffee in the morning. 

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Are Facades High Maintenance?

Like any part of your home, some maintenance may be required to keep it in pristine condition. The degree of maintenance required depends on the materials you’ve chosen for your home as well as how often you choose to maintain it. For example, render creates a gorgeous finish but can require touch ups down the line to ensure it doesn’t crack. Whereas exposed brick is very low maintenance and can create a more industrial look for the home. 

If you’re still unsure which facade is perfect for your new Clarendon Home, visit one of your nearest display centres to chat with a knowledgeable sales consultant about which facade suits both your home design and budget.