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Why build with Clarendon?

Build with Confidence

In our more than 40 years we’ve built over 25,000 homes, and though our designs may have changed over the years, our passion for great service and quality homes hasn’t.

Why Build With Clarendon NSW - Over 50 Awards

We are consistent winners of HIA & Master Builders awards for innovative new home designs. Although we build for you and not for our peers, it’s nice to be recognised from time to time.

Because all of our customers are different, we offer more than 70 designs as well as multiple façade and interior options. We go out of our way to ensure your home is truly your home.

Why Build With Clarendon NSW - Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Our homes are built to last and that’s a standard that we’ll never overlook. It’s for this reason we put a Lifetime Structural Guarantee behind each and every one of our homes.

Why Build With Clarendon NSW - Independent Quality Inspection

Every Clarendon Home passes an independent quality inspection of 200 inspection points in the final two weeks of construction. This means that you can be sure your home is being built to display home standard

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