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Zambi Baboons 'forever home' by Clarendon Homes

Zambi Baboons 'forever home' by Clarendon Homes

On the 17th December 2021 Zambi Wildlife Retreat’s baboons, moved into their new 357sqm purpose-built enclosure, designed and built by Clarendon Homes and over 35 generous supply partners who graciously donated materials and trades.

Clarendon’s project partners included: ARC, Aspect, Austral, BR Masonry, Complete Plumbing, Delta, Erect Scaffolding, Holcrim, Imota, K&L, LA Construction, Nastasi & Associates, Northrop, Onsite Rentals, Peter Lawson, Steel Builders, Sydney West, Taubmans and TFH Hire Services

With the support of such a huge number of industry partners, Clarendon Homes have completed a large state of the art enclosure to improve the quality of life and dignity of the baboons.

The new enclosure’s landscaping and vegetation closely resembles their natural environment, complete with a raised 12m2 resting platform, The landscaping and vegetation will closely resemble their natural environment, complete with a raised 12m² resting platform, large sandstone boulders and an active water feature which allows them to cool off in the summer heat.

A secure viewing platform for interactive feeding also allows the public to experience the baboons’ distinct character during exclusive visits, along with a secure covered service area for staff and volunteers to manage and care for the health of the baboons while providing privacy from the public.

“This is truly an amazing sponsorship with Clarendon homes - our gratitude for their involvement and the support from their business partners, is beyond words. It was truly the most wonderful day when the baboons stepped inside their incredible new home for the very first time,” said Donna Wilson, Director, Zambi Wildlife Retreat.

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Zambi Baboon Enclosure - The Building Journey

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