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Your stories /23.08.18

Real Clarendon: “Clarendon made us feel at ease with building…”

“We were going to go with another builder, but we weren’t happy with them. This was before we went to see a Clarendon display home. We are first home builders and knew nothing at all about building, so when we met with our sales consultant at Clarendon, we felt immediately at ease. We knew this was the builder we wanted to go with.

We hadn’t thought of buying an existing house, building was always our priority. think I was more adamant about it than my husband! I felt that the whole process of building would be much more enjoyable.

We built in Springfield Rise estate, it was a simple decision. My husband’s work is close by and we wanted to be close to his workplace. We decided on the Manhattan 26 home design with modifications and the Grange facade.

We won’t have any family living with us but we’ve will had a lot of family visiting to see our house! It’s exciting; my dad is the most excited to see the house. If I can gave him the chance, I’m sure he would happily plan the entire landscaping by himself.

My favourite room is definitely the master bedroom. It’s huge! Our king bed looks so tiny in there now. My husband doesn’t like smaller rooms so we knew we wanted a big room for us. It’s just amazing, we love it. Once I’ve completed the rest of  the styling it’s going to be even more lovely.

My advice to future Clarendon homeowners is, if you want a higher ceiling get it done! Budget for the things you cannot do after the build and get them done with Clarendon. Make sure you have a plan of action. Don’t go into your colour selections without preparing – preparation is the key to staying focused. Take it slow, and take a moment to breathe, everything will be amazing. Most of all, enjoy this process! It’s one of a kind.”

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