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A coastal inspired home comes to life: Mitchell and Anita's story

For Mitchell and Anita, deciding to build was the natural choice when they found themselves in their large home with only one young son left. With their grown children leaving home, the decision to downsize was an obvious move and it was time to look for a design that could not only give them the privacy they needed but a home that could also accommodate the rest of the family during the holidays.

After extensive display home visits through what felt like all of South East Queensland, they had finally found their match in the Darley 25 at Newport. ‘’We knew of Clarendon and the service that was given to us was amazing and the journey started from there.’’ 

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After hearing about Clarendon’s quality builds and the level of service they received from their new home consultant, it was just a matter of finding a perfect design that would allow for more private spaces for them and their son. With frequent visits from their other children and grandkids, it was essential that their new home could accommodate everyone as it did in their other home.

After seeing the Darley design at the Newport display village, Mitchell and Anita knew that they wanted that exact display, complete with picture windows, bar, and high ceilings. With a few minor changes to the master bedroom, a larger ensuite, and the addition of another walk-in-wardrobe, it would become a space that Mitchell and Anita could enjoy for themselves. With a clear vision of what they wanted the house to look like; a comfortable, modern coastal home with a touch of Hamptons, the Lifestyle Studio appointments were an invaluable and enjoyable experience with Anita’s vision finally coming to life.

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Throughout the build, Mitchell and Anita felt re-assured about the progress with regular updates and frequent communication with their Site Manager. ‘We found the construction of our home seamless and it just flowed; we were always kept in the loop and there was lots of communication in between stages’’.

The home is exactly what Mitchell and Anita had always imagined it would be and whether it’s relaxing in the living area or watching a movie in the media room, it’s a home that they find so comfortable that it almost feels like they’ve been there for years. When the family return, the family picks up and does the same as they did in their old house but this time with the advantage of a sparkling pool.

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The best part of the build? Watching the house grow and finally getting in to add their touches resulted in a home that was beautiful and livable. ''We'd build with Clarendon again because from the minute we walked into the sales office to the day we got the keys handed to us, we really felt they were with us on the journey; it's been a wonderful experience''. 

Want to build your dream home? View the Darley design or talk to one of our new home consultants today. 

qld Customer-Testimonials Mitchell-and-Anita 5fbb5697911a6