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Knockdown rebuild /12.05.21

Your knockdown rebuild faqs answered

Considering starting a knockdown rebuild project but not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ve answered your most frequently asked knockdown rebuild questions, where you’re sure to find the answers to get you started on your new adventure. 

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What is a knockdown rebuild?

As the name suggests, a knockdown rebuild involves pulling down your existing house and then reusing the land to build a brand new home that suits your family’s needs better. 

What are the benefits of a knockdown rebuild?

Remaining in the same neighbourhood you love and keeping the address you know is one of the great benefits of a knockdown rebuild. A knockdown rebuild also means you can build the exact home your growing family needs, and include any extra bedrooms or living areas to suit your lifestyle. Last but not least, when you knockdown an old house and build a brand new home, you can make sure the home fits within your budget and avoid any budget blowouts from nasty surprises.

Does Clarendon Homes offer a knockdown rebuild service?

Yes, we do! Being 100% Australian owned and offering a lifetime structural guarantee, Clarendon Homes is your trusted knockdown rebuild partner with over 43+ years of experience. 

What is Clarendon’s process for a knockdown rebuild?

You can complete your knockdown rebuild project in 5 easy steps!

  1. Preliminary Assessment: One of our experienced consultants can conduct a preliminary assessment of your block of land at the outset of your project.
  2. Site Inspection: Depending on the results of our preliminary assessment, our team will then conduct a physical inspection of your block of land to determine building requirements.
  3. Obligation Free Estimate: Depending on the results of our preliminary assessment, our team will then conduct a physical inspection of your block of land to determine building requirements.
  4. Initial Deposit: A small initial deposit will be required to obtain all the necessary engineering and certifier reports on your land, the results of which will be used to provide you with a fully costed building agreement.
  5. Let’s Get Started: We will continue to guide you through the process, to ensure all necessary steps are completed and approvals are in place so we can commence building your home.

Does Clarendon Homes arrange the demolition of my house?

Clarendon Homes can recommend a great local house demolition service with competitive rates and high-quality service. 

Does Clarendon Homes have any designs that fit a 10m wide block?

Yes, we have 15 home designs that fit on a 10m+ wide block. These beautiful designs range from as little as $252,000 for a 22sqm home to a spacious 35 sqm home priced at $320,500. You can view two of these homes in person: the modern Lilyfield 34 MKII is on display at Rochedale Arise, and the sophisticated Hawthorne 33 is on display at our Capestone centre in Mango Hill.

How much will a demolition cost?

In Australia, the average price tag for a house demolition is approximately $25,000 and varies due to factors such as  the size of the home, the materials of the house, foundation removal, how accessible your site is and whether there are any hazardous building materials such as asbestos or mould present. Typically, you can expect to pay around $60 - $80 per square metre for a house demolition and removal of materials.

How do you finance a knockdown rebuild?

Generally, most people decide to finance a knockdown rebuild with a construction loan that’s tied to a building contract. This type of loan has been formed to supply finance in a way that matches the milestone and payment requirements during the construction process. We recommend consulting your local mortgage broker for the best option for you.

We hope you found the answer you were looking for! But if you didn’t or if you’d like more information on where to next, we suggest heading down to your nearest display centre and chatting to one of our knowledgeable consultants who will be able to explain the process in depth and work with you on your knockdown rebuild adventure. In the meantime, feel free to check out the knockdown rebuild page on our website for more information on how Clarendon Homes can help you build the home of your dreams without moving!