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Knockdown rebuild /15.06.21

Top 3 tips for your next knockdown rebuild

A knockdown rebuild will most likely be one of the best projects you undertake. Seeing an old, rundown house transform into a brand new home with finer features and fittings is for most, a once in a lifetime experience! 

Whether you need more bedrooms or have been dreaming of an open plan kitchen, living and dining complete with a beautiful butler’s pantry, the opportunities are endless when you knockdown and rebuild. But before you do, here are three of our top tips to help you out.

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1. Know the regulations

Before you choose your home design, it’s crucial to get expert advice from an experienced building professional so that they can help you understand the regulations that affect your knockdown rebuild. 

They will be able to tell you whether your knockdown rebuild will be affected by any retaining wall or slope issue, any sewer pipes that are in the way or whether building near a main road will be an issue. We suggest that the experienced building professional you work with should be your builder, as they will be able to understand your situation from the get-go. 

Regulations to check before conducting your knockdown rebuild include checking if any covenants exist that you must abide by, whether there are any large trees that require removal and which utilities will need to be disconnected and removed. Further to this, other local regulations may apply which your building professional will be able to provide assistance with.

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2. Understand your budget

Understanding your budget before undertaking a knockdown rebuild could heavily reduce stress from unwanted surprises later down the track. After a site inspection of your block of land to determine your building requirements, your experienced builder will be able to outline the costs that will be involved. 

In this case, Clarendon Homes will provide you with an obligation free estimate. This will allow you to ensure your knockdown rebuild is something that comfortably fits within your family’s budget.

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3. Choose the right builder

Choosing the right builder to work with you on your knockdown rebuild project can be time-consuming, however it’s crucial considering the amount of money you’re investing into it. One of the most important factors when choosing a builder is making sure their builder’s reputation is of a high standard. 

This includes reading reviews online from others who have built with the builder and making sure they’re financially stable by seeing how long the company has been around for. Secondly, it’s important to choose a builder that  fits your style and budget. 

There’s no point asking a builder that specialises in small, affordable homes to build you a 3-storey luxury custom home or vice versa. After you make a list of what kind of home design you’re after, such as number of storeys, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. then find out what your budget is, choosing the right builder will become a lot easier.

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At Clarendon Homes, we offer a range of high-quality home designs that fit a number of lifestyles, budgets and interior styles. When you build a Clarendon home, you can rest assured that you’ll end up with a top-quality home. With 43+ years of knockdown rebuild experience, we believe in the quality of our product, so much so that we offer our customers a lifetime structural guarantee as well as an independent quality inspection. To find the perfect home design for your next knockdown rebuild, make sure you visit our website for more details.