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Knockdown rebuild /25.06.21

The benefits of a knockdown rebuild

What is a knockdown rebuild?

Knock it down and rebuild it: that’s the essence of a knock down rebuild.

A knock down rebuild is fast becoming a viable way to live exactly where you want, without spending a fortune purchasing a new high-priced home – especially in cities such as Sydney, where house prices are already exorbitant. Rather than renovating or extending, a knock down rebuild involves demolishing a pre-existing home and replacing it with a house that you’ve planned to best suit your life.

There are a number of steps involved in a knockdown rebuild, including:

  • Choosing your builder
  • Site inspection
  • Designing your new home
  • Council approval
  • Demolishing the old home
  • The construction of your new house.

While it may seem overwhelming, the right knock down rebuild specialist can help you achieve your knockdown rebuild dreams.

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Why knockdown and rebuild?

There are numerous reasons why knocking down and rebuilding a new home from scratch is enticing to homeowners, but one of the most important is the price of land. With blocks of land either scarce or completely non-existent within established metropolitan areas, buying the worst home on the street and knocking it down is a very viable way to capitalise on your land and get the exact home you want in the exact neighbourhood you want.

Another popular reason for a knock down rebuild is that it allows you to stay in a place that you’re already familiar with, which is especially noteworthy for families with children still in school. By choosing to knock down and rebuild, you can continue to enjoy things that are local and loved, while also building a new home that melds with your lifestyle.

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The knockdown rebuild advantage

Along with remaining comfortable in a familiar neighbourhood, there are plenty more advantages to a knock down rebuild.

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You may be surprised to hear it, but a knock down rebuild can be cheaper than renovating or extending on an existing house. This is because most renovations rely on the structure of your existing home, and all plans must be laid out carefully to ensure that they meet up correctly. What’s more, renovations can lead to unexpected cost blow-outs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Plus, by rebuilding in a place you already own, you avoid nasty stamp duty and real estate commission fees. Knock down rebuild specialists agree that extensive renovation is a bigger risk than knocking down and rebuilding, which comes with no hidden costs and ensures you will not have to keep spending your hard-earned money on constantly renovating and refreshing your older property.

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Get the home you want

You can finally say goodbye to the lack of storage, the pokey bedrooms, and the lack of entertaining space – a knock down and rebuild allows you to design the home you’ve always envisioned. This means everything from new fixtures and fittings to a pool for the family, to a fresh new façade that you can admire from the street.

You can also lay out the house exactly how you want, with improved configuration of bathrooms and kitchen and larger room sizes. You may have bought your home a long while ago, and your lifestyle has changed; a knock down rebuild accommodates to the changes in your life.

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Take advantage of the modern age

One of the most interesting aspects of a knock down rebuild home is the chance to take advantage of modern technologies. For example, a new roof configuration means that you can now embrace solar electricity, cutting the cost of your electricity bills. You can also orientate your new home to take advantage of window placement, giving you maximum sun exposure in winter and cross-ventilation for summer. 

Modern insulation methods can also make your new home more comfortable all year round, while eco-friendly fixtures allow you to live a greener life.

At Clarendon Homes, our knock down rebuild specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the knock down rebuild process. Contact us to see how we can help you live out your future in a home that was just meant for you.