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Knockdown rebuild /21.04.21

New home, new style for your knockdown rebuild!

Hamptons style designs are an increasingly popular home choice among knock down rebuilds, and it’s not hard to see why. Light-filled, airy spaces and a relaxing, sophisticated ambiance are just some of the things that every Hamptons home has in common. But read on to discover the four different Hamptons looks our innovative design team have created in our display homes, and add a unique twist to your next home.

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Traditional Hamptons

Let’s start this list off with our Traditional Hamptons design! This style features timeless architectural details and a calming palette. As seen in our Boston 43, on display at our Capestone centre situated in Mango Hill, north Brisbane, large windows that allow a lot of natural light to shine through are a must, as well as a feature coffered ceiling, perfect for sophisticated living.

The kitchen is delicately designed with shaker style cabinetry that flows seamlessly onto the large, profiled island bench. Decorating this home with hydrangeas, arch mirrors and large statement feature lighting will be sure to turn your house into the perfect Hamptons home!

qld display-homes Rochedale-Arise Sherwood-43 sherwood-43-side-kitchen-1360-x-765

Plantation Hamptons

The elegant Sherwood 43 on display at our Rochedale Arise centre in Rochedale, south Brisbane, features fresh and emerald greens, mixed with earthy tones that create the perfect plantation Hamptons style. The decor features animal prints, inspired by the jungle, as well as soft furnishings that reflect the colours and patterns in the artwork. 

The white risers and dark stained treads make up the statement staircase, while the marble patterned tile that flows through the home creates a sense of Hamptons sophistication that contrasts well with the textured wallpaper. Tying the home together are white plantation shutters that dress the large windows as well as bamboo furniture and brass feature lighting that add the perfect details for this Plantation Hamptons home.

qld display-homes Kalina Sheridan-37-MKII living-to-kitchen-1360-x-765

Coastal Hamptons

The coastal Hamptons home is the perfect design if you live by the beach, or want to bring the beach closer to you! Featuring white furniture with pale blue and sea green accessories, the perfect Coastal Hamptons home will make you feel like you’re always on vacation! 

Fish scale or subway feature tiles as well as natural textured rugs and arch mirrors are the perfect details in the Sheridan 37 MKII, on display at our Kalina centre, in Springfield, west Brisbane. Decorated with coastal artwork, light timber flooring and soft grey walls throughout, this home emanates a casual, relaxing ambience and encourages you to unwind after a long day.

qld display-homes Everleigh Ashgrove-29 ashgrove-1366-x-783

Rural Hamptons

Our Ashgrove 29, on display at our Everleigh centre in Greenbank, south-west of Brisbane, features a warm, earthy rural Hamptons style. With natural textures adding warmth and cosiness, this sophisticated, homely design creates a relaxed ambience and helps you feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Large windows are placed throughout the home, allowing plenty of natural light to stream through, and unique wall panelling, shaker style cabinetry and soft grey walls are used to achieve the perfect Hamptons style with a rural twist. 

The artwork around this home is inspired by the magnificent countryside, while the accessories used to compliment the home range from trunks, hurricane lanterns, suitcases and stoneware. And last but not least, luscious green foliage is placed around the home to bring some of the outdoors in, leaving you feeling truly connected to the great outdoors.

Visit these beautiful homes in person at one of our many display centres, or walkthrough these stunning styles via our virtual tours online, and experience our homes with heart.