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Rebuild or renovate? We know which is better

If you’re one of the many Queenslanders that lives in a great location, close to family, friends, school and work, it’s hard to think of moving anywhere else that can offer the same perks. However, as your family needs change, it’s easy to outgrow your current, run-down house, leaving you asking: ‘Where to now?’

The solution is usually made up of three options: 

  1. Move out and buy a home in a location that doesn’t offer the same perks 

  2. Spend a long time, and a lot of money renovating your current place 

  3. Knock down your current house, and build the perfect new home in its place.

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Now we’ll be honest, renovating a home does sound like a lot of fun, but after the curtains drop and you see what’s behind it all, aka. the unexpected expenses causing budget blowout, the ongoing months of prepping, organising and project management and the constant stresses and headaches, it might not be the exact experience you are after. So here are four reasons why we believe a knockdown rebuild is much better than renovating your home!

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1. Cost Effectiveness

Starting a fresh new build can actually be more cost-effective than renovating or buying a home! From stamp duty fees and costly real estate cuts, the smaller charges add up, until it’s too late to turn back, leaving you out of pocket and over-budget. The approximate cost of renovating a home in Queensland is about $2,500 - $4,000 per square metre, which varies based on your chosen materials and finishes. 

For example, just one living room renovation could set you back up to $15,000, and a kitchen, $45,000. After adding each room up, it would be a lot cheaper to build a brand new home, and avoid the headaches.

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2. No Surprises

Not all surprises are good surprises, especially when you’re renovating a house! Surprises can mean hidden costs and delays due to problems behind walls, pest issues, the slab itself and even the earth beneath the property! When you knock down and rebuild a brand new home, you can make sure the home fits within your budget and be rest assured that there won’t be any extra expenses beyond your contract.

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3. Customisation

Enjoy the luxury of customising your home to perfectly fit your family’s needs! Whether you need extra bedrooms, a more spacious pantry or a better open plan kitchen, living and dining, you’ll be sure to find a home design that fits your new lifestyle. A brand new home means no more cracks, creaks or dull spaces that feel dark and gloomy. Enjoy feeling refreshed and revived every morning after waking up to crisp painted walls, and brighter, more spacious rooms.

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4. More Energy Efficient

As Australia moves to becoming more environmentally friendly, you’ll be able to play your part too, and enjoy saving money on your new energy-efficient home built with modern, sustainable materials. With smart home solutions, energy efficient strategies and by using renewable energy sources, your home could quickly become more energy efficient, leaving you with cheaper bills. 

So if you’ve decided to knockdown rebuildClarendon can assist you every step of the way from finding the most suitable design for your block of land, to demolition, council approvals and right through to the handover of the keys to your new home. And the best part is this is a free service to all Clarendon knockdown rebuild customers. 

Clarendon has a range of single storey and double storey floor plans and facades that are sensitive to neighbourhood character, maximise narrow city lots or embrace beautiful beachside living. So if you love a particular street, or the neighbourhood you live in, and don’t want to settle for second best, our knockdown rebuilds in Brisbane and QLD is the right option for you! 

Clarendon Homes, your trusted knockdown rebuild partner for over 43 years.