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Real Clarendon customers share their building advice

We can tell you all day about our services and the best advice we can offer so you get the greatest experience while building your house. But, nothing can quite compare to the trust from hearing directly from Clarendon customers who have been exactly where you are, and every other step and stage along the way. We love to hear back from our customers for this very reason; your experience doesn’t stop at the first turn of the key to your new home, it’s how your future plays out in the home, and the memories you have collected along the whole journey. So, we asked a few of our customers to offer their experience and advice to share with you…

There’s no such thing as ‘silly’ questions

If it’s your first home buy or build, there is a lot of information you might not know or fully understand, which is perfectly normal. But, it’s not always easy to know when to ask questions and when to just pretend and go along with it. Well, our best advice is to never do the latter. We want you to be as informed with your decision on a home as possible. And, our Clarendon customers Nicholas and Tarryn from Thornlands feel the same.

“Our site manager took so many calls from us throughout the build and answered all of our questions, no matter how silly they were,” says Nicholas. “From lock-up, Clarendon got on with the finishing touches and always kept the us up to date with the progress reports.”

Because they were able to verbalise all their queries and concerns, Nicholas and Tarryn were able to enjoy peace of mind and never feel in the dark about their building process. Whatever the question, ask away! It’s our job to help in any way we can.  

It’s ok to be a total newbie to building

Buying a new home is a unique and important purchase; if it’s your first time, you’re not alone! Try not to feel overwhelmed by the process and instead enjoy what an exciting experience it is. You have experts to guide you along the way, so being new to it all is a lot easier and enjoyable. New to the building game, Jason and Rachelle of Pimpana, on the Gold Coast learnt that trusting in the experts, and asking for details about the process, eased their nerves about being buying a new home.

“As first home buyers, the process was a little daunting, but our sales consultant and builder took the time to explain things clearly and in detail,” Rachelle explains. “We can't wait to make this house our home, and thank the team at Clarendon for all that they've helped us achieve.”

Shop around for a top quality builder

Although we are confident in being a quality home builder, we do encourage shopping around for your perfect fit. And, by doing so, the ability to whittle down the good from the not-so-good. Clarendon customers Jeffery and Christine from Mount Warren Park found out the hard way the importance of finding the right builder.

“We previously built with two other companies in the past that were not up to the standard that Clarendon sets,” Christine reveals. “They supplied us with the home that we always wanted within a price range that we could afford.  Their professionalism was well above approach/expectations and they were always willing to answer any questions that we had.”

Expect high level communication

You should always feel that there are clear and open lines of communication between you and your home builder, throughout the entire process – from sales consultant to customer service rep to site manager. This not only gives you peace of mind, but it ensures that few mistakes are made, that you’re aware of any problems along the way, and that you know things are being problem solved in a way you feel comfortable with. It’s important to set the bar high in your expectations of this to ensure you get the best possible service and experience. For Shadika and Aarti of Kenmore, it was at the top of their priority list.

“Our customer service rep has been fantastic throughout the process. She kept us informed and was prompt with her responses to my email queries,” says Sadika.

“The site manager was very thorough and he ensured that the house was completed in a timely manner,” says Aarti. “His attention to detail is reflective in the good workmanship throughout our house.”