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Your guide to house and land packages

House and land packages simplify a sticking point in a home buyer's journey - affordability. Breaking into the property market, either as a first home buyer or a repeat investor is more challenging than ever, but with the security of knowing how much both your build and land may be, it becomes easier to budget and therefore save a deposit. But what is a house and land package? And why are they becoming Australia’s favourite way to build? Let’s find out together.

What is a house and land package?

A house and land package combines the purchase of a newly constructed home and the land on which it sits into a single offering. While these packages are common to new housing developments and emerging suburbs, established suburbs occasionally have one or two to choose from, particularly if the area is expanding.

How house and land packages typically work 

  1. Land purchase: You select a plot of land within a particular development or subdivision. 

  2. Design selection: You’ll choose a home design from a set of options provided by us. Keep in mind that each design has been specifically selected to suit the size and orientation of the block on land, factoring in things like lifestyle and how your chosen suburb’s aesthetic. 

  3. Package Deal: We construct your new home on the selected plot of land. The cost of the land and the construction are often bundled together as a single package, simplifying the buying process. That said, building loans are a little different from traditional mortgages - we recommend discussing your options with a responsible lender or broker. 

Standard house and land packages vs. turn-key packages

House and land packages commonly fall under two categories - standard and turn key. The process above is what we call standard, where you're involved from the ground up, while turn-key packages offer completed homes to in-the-market buyers. All you have to do is turn the key and walk through the front door. 

Is a house and land package worth it?

What’s worthy to you may not resonate with someone next to you, so the worthiness often depends on your wants and needs. This convenient method of buying land and building a home in a single move may be a great choice if you answer yes to the following statements:

1. You're focused on value for money

Good builders like Clarendon Homes will research land values, find lots in emerging areas and match a feature packed design with a specific lot of land, balancing affordability with the wow factor many people are looking for. After the build is complete, your land may gain value as your suburb matures, leading to long term capital growth. 

2. You want a brand new home ASAP

Our house and land packages have been carefully created to include a suitable home design, current promotions and estimated site works for that block of land. This reduces your own research time, leaving you to pick a home design you like in the location you prefer!

3. You want to fast forward to the fun bits without negotiating on quality

While development applications and discussions around sittings may not thrill you, fixtures, fittings, colours, surfaces and things like tapware and even door handles probably will. Expanding on point two, by leaving the technical steps to us, you’ll have the mental space to focus on what makes your house a home.

Myths about house and land packages

1. You can't customise or change the design

While this is true for some builders and developers, we want you to love every inch of your home. If you don’t connect with our selected house design, the Clarendon Homes team will work with you to find a match from our Aspire and Luxe ranges, without running over your discussed building budget.  First time builder or first home buyer? Use these house and land packages as a starting point, perfectly priced to ensure you’ll benefit from the QLD government’s latest home buying and stamp duty concessions

2. House and land packages are reserved for lots nobody wants

The opposite is true. By selecting a house and land package with Clarendon Homes, you’ll access some of the most desirable land in Queensland before it appears on real estate websites.  

The limitations of house and land packages

Although you may change your design with Clarendon Homes, your build may be bound by the housing guidelines governing your chosen housing estate. What does that mean in real terms? Your house facade, front yard landscaping, fences, driveways and even entryways may have rules attached to them. You’re also limited by geography - your build is restricted to house and land package suburbs. 

If these restrictions are enough to give you pause, it may be worth buying the lot of your dreams first and choosing a design down the track - we’re always here to help. 

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