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Building your home /30.11.21

Must-have inclusions for your new build

When building a home, it’s understandable to get stuck around what inclusions to pick and what you think is unnecessary. Trends come and go, lighting fixtures can be changed, but what’s going to be there forever? Whilst almost nothing is there forever, it might feel like it if you decide to renovate later and add in inclusions that are recommended at the beginning of the build process.

It's usually recommended that clients write a list of their top needs and wants to make sure you create the home of your dreams! Below, we’ve outlined our must-have inclusions for your new build. 

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If you’re looking for a bill-saving home addition, look no further. Upgrading your insulation from the standard inclusions is perfect for taking the regulation of your home’s temperature one step up, making it even cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The breathability of insulation also helps to prevent condensation in wet areas, which can create mold issues and wet bathroom products, and reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the need for cooling and heating systems. 

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Acoustic Insulation

The theatre room in your home is where the magic comes to life, and is understandably one of the noisiest rooms in the house. What’s the point of watching a Box Office movie without surround sound? Unfortunately, not everyone in the home wants to be surrounded by sound which is why the addition of acoustic insulation is so heavily valued. Acoustic insulation adds mass that helps stop noise from passing so easily through a structure, making movie nights more enjoyable for everyone in the home! 

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Security Systems

We know that keeping your family safe is your number one priority, which is why we offer top of the range security systems. Monitor which zones are unlocked and locked with Clarendon's home security system positioned right beside your front door. 

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Wall Niches

Adding character to your home has never been more trendy with the addition of wall niches in your home. Whether you’re emphasising your front entrance or simply making space for artworks, give your walls some life with something that’s difficult to put in later on. This is easiest to add in on the other side of closets where wall width won’t be too affected.

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Additional Ceiling Heights

At Clarendon Homes, 2400mm high ceiling heights throughout your home as standard, as well as 2600mm to the lower floor of double storey homes in our Luxe Inclusions pack. However if you want to add an extra level of luxury to your home, increase your ceilings to 2750mm and watch as your home opens up even further, creating an additional sense of height. High ceilings are known to invite light and air flow into the home, and are a very common upgrade amongst clients. 

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qld display-homes Paradise-Lakes Madison-38-MKII-MR madison-38-mkii-mr-open-plan-living-812-x-465

Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning

Living in Queensland means we have access to a plethora of beautiful beaches to head to on a hot and humid summer day, but in case you can’t make time to escape the heat, it’s important to include reverse cycle air conditioning in your home, so that you can stay cool (or warm) whenever you want! 

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Additional Lighting

Electricals are one of the most difficult things to add in later without damaging existing ceilings or walls. Additional downlights are a must in both single and double storey homes to make the most of your space, but also our LED’s will save on bills when you only need one room on as opposed to two for adequate lighting.

If you’re interested in hearing more about any of these upgrades, have a chat with one of our consultants or visit your nearest display home to talk to them in person.