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Building your home /06.11.19

How much does it cost to build a two-storey house?

That’s one tough question to put an exact answer next to. Instead, the easiest way to understand the average cost to build a two-storey house is to learn where a second storey will save you money, where it will cost you more, and how it would impact the house’s overall value.

When would a second storey save me money?


If you know the exact amount of rooms and floorspace you need and want, a two-storey home requires less land to build than a single-storey home. That means you’ll pay less up front for the block you’ll need, generally saving quite a bit of cash.

When would a second storey cost me more?


This isn’t necessarily something that affects the cost to build a two-storey house, but it could have an impact on your budget. If you’re renting as your house is being built, a two-storey home will usually take a shade longer than a single-storey home, meaning you’ll pay more in rent.


Sure, a second storey will cost more to build than a single storey. But the increase in costs is pretty minimal when you consider the savings on land and the potential increase to the property’s value.

Realestate.com.au reckons that a two-storey house costs around 30% more than a one-storey house. But that 30% can often be accounted for between market appeal and remaining land.

When would a second storey increase the property value?


A dual-storey home has a far smaller footprint on the planet than a single-storey home with the same square footage of floor space. That means you’ll have a bigger backyard, more outdoor space, or whatever you turn your leftover space into.


You could put the exact same block with the same backyard on sale right next to each other, and if one has twice the number of bedrooms, it’ll command a lot more money in the long run. Most home buyers have kids and a family, and all those humans are going to need space.


One thing all parents look for is space for the kids to play (leaving the grown-ups somewhere peaceful and quiet). An upstairs rumpus area means the kids can play someone safe and private – and that’s a massive tick in the column for many prospective buyers.

So, what will cost me more?

It’s honestly not a clear-cut answer, but in the long run, the investment on a double-storey home will usually pay itself off. However, the most important thing is to get a feel for a home and imagine yourself living in it. When you know what sort of house you’ll need, you can find the land to suit.

And to do that, simply check out a Clarendon Homes display centre. With single and double-storey homes at the ready, you can wander through a few options and work out what home would suit your needs best.