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Building your home /25.08.21

Everything You Need To Know About House and Land Packages

Whether you’re a seasoned home owner or brand new to the property market and are searching for your first home, finding the perfect home design that suits your family’s lifestyle can be a thrilling experience! Whether you wanted an open plan design, a luxurious butler’s pantry or simply needed some more space for your growing lifestyle, it can be easy to fall in love with a home design that checks all the boxes.

Unfortunately, many find the perfect home design but aren’t able to secure a block of land in a convenient location to build it. This is why at Clarendon Homes, we offer a large range of House and Land Packages that have been carefully curated to suit a variety of personal styles, budgets and lifestyle needs. 

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Our House and Land Packages allow you to purchase a block of land and one of our beautiful home designs in one process, but in two contracts. This convenient offering not only saves you the time that you would spend scouring the internet for new land releases and searching for home designs, it also helps you avoid disappointment, as all of our House and Land Packages have been carefully paired to ensure the home fits perfectly on the block of land. This eliminates the chance of finding out your block of land has easements or other factors that don’t allow you to build on it, after you’ve already purchased it. 

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As a 100% Australian owned builder for over 43 years, we take pride in every single home we build, and ensure they’re built to the highest of standards, complete with quality fixtures, fittings and finishes. You can be rest assured that when you purchase a House and Land Package from Clarendon Homes, you will receive quality inclusions within your home.

These can include things like higher ceilings, fully ducted air conditioning or flooring throughout your new home, beautiful stone benchtops, premium upgrades and European appliances from leading brands in technology. Further to this, you are still able to upgrade any inclusions you wish so that the home perfectly reflects your personal style. 

But before committing to secure one of our House and Land Packages, let’s dive into three of our top benefits that may help you figure out whether a House and Land Package is the right option for you.  

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As mentioned earlier, a House and Land Package could save you days on end searching for blocks of land in a convenient location, all to end up not hearing back from the enquiries you sent out and having to start the whole process all over again. Our home designs are deliberately chosen to ensure it perfectly fits on the block of land it’s paired with, in one great location close by new amenities, shopping centres and parks. 

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Saves You Money

Purchasing a House and Land Package can save you thousands of dollars and help you stay within budget as you can see all the costs upfront. Further to this, you will only need to pay stamp duty on the block of land’s value as the home is yet to be constructed. So if you want a beautifully finished home but need to keep costs down, a House and Land Package might be ideal for you! 

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An Easier, More Simplified Process

Since the home design is chosen because it suits the block the best, considerations such as sun orientation and driveway placement are already thought of, meaning that we take on the hard work so you can enjoy your building journey and stress less through the process! Our experienced sales consultants can also make suggestions and recommendations based on their knowledge of the block to ensure the home perfectly suits your family’s needs. 

Our House and Land Packages are a great option if you want to stay within your budget, save time needlessly scrolling through the net and want a hassle-free option of finding your dream home in a desirable location. For more information about our latest House and Land Packages, feel free to browse through our current range. Alternatively, we recommend visiting your nearest display centre and chatting to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants who will be able to help you discover your options.