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Need finance for your new home? We can help.

At Clarendon Homes, we know the differences between home loans and construction loans and we want to help make the journey smoother for all involved.

Here's where our team of finance managers come in. They're here to help you with anything finance related, every step of the way.

And because they're also licensed mortgage brokers backed by Loan Market, they have a long list of financial institution friends - meaning they can even find and manage your loan for you.

Want to maximise you borrowing power?

Why use our mortgage brokers?

We have the power to negotiate a competitive deal with over 30 banks and lenders you know and trust, giving you confidence we will find the right loan for you

Find the right interest rate, structure and flexibility for your situation

We do the legwork and paperwork for you in 6 easy steps so you don't have to

We cut out the middleman and become your main point of contact throughout your new home journey

Exclusive offer
Only a $10,000 deposit is required until the commencement of the site**

Know your borrowing power

Find out how much you could borrow, and how much repayments would be for your loan size.

It's important to shop around - bank and lenders all use different criteria to calculate how much they will lend you. Your borrowing capacity between two banks could be thousands of dollars - the difference between the building your dream home or settling for your second favourite.

Our Loan Market mortgage brokers know what each lender is looking for and will use the strengths of your application to maximise you borrowing capacity.

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