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Top 10 Balcony Decoration Ideas

26.02.20 - Style and Design

If a simple chair and a pot plant doesn’t quite meet your expectations of balcony decoration, you’ve come to the right place. For this Clarendon Homes blog entry, we’ve gone ahead and put together a handy list of 10 balcony decoration ideas (with some inspirational photos, of course) to help you get your creative mind ticking and make the very most out of these potentially tranquil spaces.


1. Create Your Own Green Oasis

(Image via Its Pretty Nice)

A balcony full of lush greenery is the dream of many urban dwellers, helping to offset their dull concrete surrounds. To create the ideal garden balcony decoration, you can make use of window box hangers, living walls, and of course potted plants and even fruit trees if you have the space.


2. Light It Up

(Image via Diffist)

Pontoon and string lights aren’t just for parties; they also make for a sparkling balcony design idea. Whether you prefer the look of exposed bulbs or opt for LED candles, the right lighting allows you to make use of your balcony even at night – perfect for sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine.


3. Privacy, Please

(Image via Fantastic Frank)

If you live in an apartment or duplex, chances are you will be sharing your balcony with your neighbours. To create a sense of privacy, you can choose balcony decoration such as room dividers, solid cloth privacy screens, or even walls of greenery – another reason why plants are such great balcony decoration ideas!


4. Keep It Cosy

(Image via Home of A City Mom)

Take advantage of your balcony all year round by adding a few cosy points to your balcony design. Textured throws, pillows and sheepskin rugs can be added to day beds, giving you a place to snuggle up and enjoy a book and a hot cup of tea even in the middle of winter.


5. Breakfast (And Dinner) Is Served

(Image via Better Homes And Gardens)

For alfresco dining, you can’t pass up a breakfast bar as part of your balcony decoration. While you could go for a traditional bistro-style outdoor setting, a DIY foldaway design will allow you to make even better use of the space on your balcony.


6. Check Underfoot

(Image via Sarah Camille’s Scoop)

It might not cross your mind immediately, but the way you decorate your balcony floor can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your balcony decoration. You can use patterned tiles to bring colour to your balcony, or even paint plain concrete to really bring the space together. Another balcony design for the floor involves grouping small rugs together, which looks especially effective if you’re going for a bohemian atmosphere.


7. Consider Your Pets

(Image via The Spruce Pets)

If you’re lucky enough to rent a property and own a pet, this balcony design idea is for you! You can give your pet a place of their own with a patch of faux grass, a comfy pet bed (a kennel is great for rainy days), and plenty of their favourite toys and treats.


8. Bring The Inside Out

(Image via House Beautiful)

To help create a space that effortlessly flows, incorporate design elements from the inside of your home into your balcony decoration. For example, you could choose furnishings that share the same shapes and colours as your living room pieces. This will also help to draw the eye outward, which is especially handy if you have a fantastic view on offer.


9. Weather It

(Image via Nature New Cleanses)

Being exposed to the weather day after day, it’s worth considering weather-resistant materials when it comes to balcony decoration. For wet weather, look for water-repellent furniture coverings, or add a fabric canopy to protect your balcony’s décor. Other clever balcony decoration ideas include concrete furniture, second-hand thrift store finds, and even furniture made from old wooden shipping pallets.


10. Take A Seat

(Image via: https://www.trendir.com/)

If you were to ask somebody how to decorate a balcony for relaxation, they would more than likely suggest a hammock or hanging chair. Whether it’s hanging or anchored to the ground, the right seat is ideal for creating a nook for reading or dozing away in the afternoon sun.


When it comes to decorating your balcony, having a beautiful design gives you a great head start – and that’s exactly what you’ll get with a double-storey house from Clarendon Homes.

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