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Style and design /22.11.21

Porcelain tiling vs hybrid timber flooring - which is best for you?

The flooring you choose will help to set the tone for your entire home. Whether you want your home to feature cool or warm tones, feel luxurious or cosy, the floor you choose will help to bring your dream home to life. 

Utilising alternate reality tools from flooring companies to see what the flooring looks like can help you select the look you like the most, but what about choosing the right materials? 

The material of your flooring can affect your budget, lifestyle, aesthetic and the first impression of your home. Porcelain tiles and hybrid timber flooring are two of the most popular flooring choices, with popularity skyrocketing as trends emerge. So which is best for your home?

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Porcelain Tiles

So, what are porcelain tiles? Porcelain tiles are made from clay at very high temperatures to make them more uniform in appearance, durable and non-porous (denser). Porcelain tiles are recommended in homes that fluctuate in temperature frequently, or that can get very heated. In other words, porcelain tiles are great for Queensland summers.

Furthermore, they’re not completely waterproof, but since they’re very close to it, porcelain tiles are a great solution for bathrooms, mud rooms and kitchen spaces. This also means that they are children and pet-friendly! Due to their ease of maintenance, it’s simple to be sold on that basis alone. However, that’s not all porcelain tiles offer. Because tiles are grouted, spills are very easy to clean up, meaning a quick sweep and a mop is all that’s needed.

Unfortunately, because they’re grouted in, replacing them if a tile gets damaged or cracked makes it a lot harder.

Make sure you keep the piece that cracked as flooring companies are able to glue that specific piece back on, or remove that tile from the cracked spot. However, their high durability means this may not happen for a long time.

Porcelain tiles also come in many different styles, including pressed or rectified edges, which will change the look of your home drastically. Similarly, porcelain tiles also come in many different styles thanks to ink jet technology. Terrazzo, stone and timber are replicated so that you can enjoy the look with all the hard-wearing benefits of tiles.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured with high quality materials and can be made in a wide range of colours and shapes, including wood, granite, limestone, marble and just about anything else you can think of. Their diversity is just part of what makes porcelain such a popular flooring choice in homes.

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Hybrid Timber Flooring

Now that you know all the important features of porcelain tiles, let’s deep dive into hybrid timber flooring. Hybrid timber flooring is essentially a mix of laminate and vinyl flooring, with the timber look printed onto it, and is made from limestone and plastic core boards. This provides a number of benefits compared to traditional wood flooring as hybrid flooring creates a beautiful wood look without the high maintenance.

The structure of the floorboards means that these can be laid over any existing flooring and actually includes a thick acoustic layer meaning loud creaking or cracking will be heavily minimised. Hybrid flooring is installed by interlocking the boards together, sometimes with an underlay. The interlocking mechanism provides stability and minimises contracting during hot weather, which would typically lead to dysforming. Hybrid flooring is Australian summer approved.

When compared to traditional timber flooring, hybrid flooring prices up very similarly. However, hybrid flooring technically lasts longer than wooden flooring due to the lack of need for pest control, as traditional wood does due to termites.

In addition to this, traditional wood is not as resistant as hybrid flooring and is quite prone to dents and scratches.

Whilst this can give the traditional wood flooring character and make it look more authentic, it can also make for an uneven floor. Unfortunately, traditional wood flooring is also not as Queensland-friendly as hybrid flooring as traditional wood can rise during hot and humid temperatures.

Hybrid flooring is also 100% waterproof. The topcoat that’s layered over the hybrid timber flooring allows for spills and mopping, meaning these boards can be used in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

Furthermore, this topcoat ensures the boards have a higher tolerance to scratches, dents and stains. Your pets sharp nails, red wine glasses or childrens toys are no match for your hybrid floorings durable top coat layer.

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Which Is Best For You?

Now that we’ve reviewed what both flooring options are and their benefits, how do you figure out which is the best option for you and your family?

Ultimately the decision comes down to the same components most decisions do when choosing key components of your home. Which suits your lifestyle better? 

Both options have similar benefits:

  • Scratch resistant

  • Safe to mop, sweep or vacuum

  • Child and pet-friendly

  • Durable

  • Able to be replaced

Hybrid flooring is slightly easier to replace due to its interlocking mechanism, however, porcelain tiles do hold-up better in the home long-term. Depending on your budget, hybrid flooring is also easier to install yourself but can become very expensive depending on the width of the board and the pattern you pick for it.

If you’re unsure which flooring option to choose for your brand new Clarendon Home, you can chat to your professional colour consultant during your Lifestyle Studio selections appointment. 

In the meantime, visit your nearest display centre to look at both options in person and chat to our knowledgeable sales consultants who may be able to help you with your decision.