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Style and design /20.12.21

How to transform and organise your butler's pantry

Butler’s pantries are a must for entertainers or big families so understandably, you’re going to want it to be as organised and easy to use as possible to avoid frustrating messes and not being able to find things. Clarendon Homes prides itself on creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but also functional to suit all different family types, growing and complete. For that reason, all of our home designs come standard with a butler’s pantry. 

Utilise The Space

Understanding how your family lives in a home is the most important step when designing your kitchen. If you plan how you want to use the space in advance, you’ll know what you will prefer to upgrade and what can remain standard. How do you use your butler’s pantry? One popular answer is that people add a sink into their butler’s pantry to create a space to hide away dirty dishes during an event they’re hosting, leaving the kitchen clean, tidy and dessert-ready! If you enjoy entertaining, it may be worth adding a sink to your butler’s pantry for this reason. 

Walking through our Clarendon display homes will help you figure out what kind of butler’s pantry you prefer. Do you like the durability of stone benchtops? How about the convenience of cabinetry or a shelf above and below the benchtop? Think about what you need to store in the butler’s pantry, and where it would be most convenient to reach. Our Bayside 39 on display at Coomera, Samford 32 on display at Rochedale Arise, Boston 37 on display at Springfield Rise and Hawthorne 33 on display at Capestone all have stunning butler’s pantries for you to be able to walk through and experience for yourself. 

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Make It Yours

The rest of your home is gorgeous and matches perfectly with your main kitchen, but have you put much thought into the look of your butler’s pantry? Does the space fit your needs both visually and functionally? Clarendon's butler’s pantries come standard with laminate countertops as well as shelving above and below, however you may want to upgrade your butler’s to receive stone benchtops, additional cabinetry and designer tapware for added luxury. 

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Organisation Is Key

As mentioned earlier, the key to transforming your butler’s pantry is truly in how it’s organised. Organisation is not only a trending topic online right now but will also make your life easier when cooking, making lunches or even just snacking. After you understand what you’re going to use the space for, it’s time to organise it to suit your lifestyle. If you want your butler’s pantry to be an open space, storing food in glass jars is a popular option, providing an aesthetically pleasing, yet sustainable solution. Whereas if you prefer to keep your food stored behind closed (cabinet) doors, you may want to browse our selection of handles and cabinetry colours to maintain a similar look to your kitchen.

Visit your nearest display home to view our carefully designed butler’s pantry and experience the convenient elegance that Clarendon has to offer.

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