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How To Style Your Coffee Table Like A Pro

19.10.21 - Style and Design

Ready to style your new home but stuck on how to decorate? Coffee tables can be difficult with how frequently we use them and how much changes everyday. We’ve broken down the best tips on how to style your coffee table, whether your table is big or small. 

Decorating with tall and short objects

Let your coffee table catch your eye! To avoid your table looking flat, use a contrast of tall and short items. This may be a tall candle holder and then smaller candles in front or a small bowl with a taller decorative plant next to it. Whatever you choose, make sure the items you select suit the general style of your home.

Rule of 3’s

Divide your coffee table into 3 sections to decorate separately so the task seems less daunting. The items don’t necessarily have to match as long as they don’t double up. Similarly, you could also put 3 objects with different heights close together if your table lacks surface area. Decorating in odd numbers brings a certain appeal.

Less is more!

Aim for a more simplistic look and use only one or two decorative or functional pieces. Bring functionality to your coffee table by featuring things like coasters or napkins. This can create a design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Back to basics, squares and rectangles

Objects that are square or rectangular are easier to decorate with and pleases the eye. Decorative books or magazines are the perfect centrepiece as you can stack them, use them as a platform, turn them diagonal or even stand them up. The possibilities are endless when you go back to basics.


Spice things up with contrasting colours

If your table is a neutral colour such as black or white, go bold with coloured decor pieces. Pick colours that contrast and draw people's eye to your table without making it seem cluttered. This is especially easy to do if you enjoy decorating for seasons, with warm yellows and burnt oranges or luscious greens and pinks. 

Fit your theme

If your home has a particular colour scheme, aim to subtly match those colours without becoming overbearing. For example, Hamptons style homes are very on trend right now, so a white table with light blue and beige decorations would perfectly fit the general style of the home. Similarly, if the style of your home is flamboyant in nature, use this to your advantage with bold-coloured unique pieces.

This ones for you, larger tables

If your coffee table is on the larger side, it might be easier to just decorate one area and leave the rest as functional space. This way you’ll be able to enjoy it practically without it feeling cluttered. A single statement centrepiece or a few pieces to one side of the table will leave it looking gorgeous without becoming crowded.

We didn’t forget about smaller tables either

If your coffee table is small, it's best to utilise key decorative pieces that can be moved easily for when you want to use the table. Stacking a few pieces on a tray, for example a candle, book and coasters, will make it easy to simply pick up the tray and move when you need somewhere to set down your cuppa or enjoy a cheese board with friends.

Get your green thumb out

If you’re not into shiny centrepieces or theme-based decorating, you may want to get your green thumb out! Sometimes all you need is a little plant in the centre to perfectly suit your space. Whether you pick a hanging eucalyptus tucked neatly in a bowl or a sweet little succulent, going green is very on trend. Decorative and sustainable!

Finally, make it personal

There’s no better decoration than one that can be shared with everyone. Create talking points with your travel souvenirs or feature a photo album containing your treasured family photos. Your family’s smiling faces are just as gorgeous as any other centrepiece. 

If you’re looking for more visuals, make sure you check out our Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram pages for daily inspiration. Better yet, head to your nearest display home to explore our professionally designed colour schemes and cohesive decorating in our beautiful display homes.

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