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Style and design /10.08.20

How To Design A Hamptons-Style Living Room

As we discussed in an earlier article here on the Clarendon blog, the Hamptons style gets its name from the seaside homes of Long Island in New York, USA. Oozing with sophisticated, beachy styling, these beautiful homes aren’t restricted to Long Island, however – in fact, they perfectly suit the coastal surrounds of Australia too.

But even if you didn’t initially build your home in the Hamptons style, it’s still possible to emulate this gorgeous aesthetic throughout your home. A Hamptons-style living room is the perfect place to start, allowing you to make use of the colours and materials of the ocean to bring a cosy, elegant vibe to your home.

Here’s how to model your living room – Hamptons style.

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Start With A Soft Base

Let’s start at the beginning (it is, as they say, a very good place to start).

If you’re adapting your Hamptons-style lounge room from scratch, it’s best to start with the correct colours for the walls, window coverings, cabinetry, and doors. Most Hamptons-style living areas use a crisp shade of white, invoking a classic and welcoming tone for the entire room. If white is a little too plain or bright for your liking, pale blues and stately greys can also work. And by adding multiple shades of your chosen colour, your living room can remain cohesive but on-theme.

And while it may not be possible to replace your current windows with expanses of glass, you can still add white paint to your current window frames to bring them up to date with the remainder of your Hamptons-style lounge room.

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qld display-homes Rochedale-Arise Samford-32 samford-32-indoor-outdoor-812-x-465

Create Natural Texture And Tones

Another unique aspect of Hamptons homes is the use of natural textures and tones to lift the soft base colours while also adding an appreciation for the original Hamptons inspiration: the sea. Linen, jute, driftwood, flowers and greenery can be added to create a modern Hamptons living room, while marble is a popular inclusion in a Hamptons kitchen. Subdued colours such as taupe, beige, pale blue and grey also help to add visual interest to your living room.

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Work With Metal Detailing

Another Hamptons living room idea is to include metalwork and metal details, tying in the coastal theme and recalling rusted anchors, lighthouses and captains’ spyglasses. Hanging metal lanterns – usually in a bronze finish – pay homage to Hamptons homes many seas over, and the more sophisticated the styling, the better. They also help to draw the eye upward, emphasising the height and space of the room.

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qld display-homes Capestone Boston-43-MF boston-43-facade-812-x-465

Dress Up The Room With Luxe Furnishings

A true Hamptons-style living room is incomplete without some beautiful pieces of furniture. Large, luxurious lounges upholstered in linen or cotton in neutral shades and statement coffee tables should take centre stage in your Hamptons-style lounge room, while wicker is another popular furnishing choice that will invoke breezy coastal afternoons.

Unless you’re already familiar with the aesthetic, you may miss some of the most quintessential Hamptons living room décor pieces that are seen in many living rooms. At the top of the list are large pieces of bleached coral, blue and white porcelain vases filled with oversized blooms, glass hurricane lamps, rattan trays, and glamorous bar carts. Throw rugs can add warmth in winter, but it’s best to leave windows unobstructed by heavy curtains, allowing for as much natural light as possible.

Using the above tips as a guide, you will be well on the way to creating the perfect Hamptons-style living room. If you’re a new homeowner, why not extend your home décor knowledge with our ultimate guide to mastering new home décor?

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