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Style and design /26.06.20

Grey Kitchens: Here To Stay Or So Yesterday?

The grey kitchen: a predicted trend for 2018, yet still with us to this day. Sophisticated, stylish and the perfect complement to just about any personal furnishing style, grey kitchen cabinets have a way of making their surrounds appear effortlessly chic.

Whether you’re after the rustic look, love some industrial styling, or want to unite different materials such as brass and concrete, a modern grey kitchen of any shade – whether it be a dark grey or a light grey kitchen – can create a visually-appealing space.

Grey kitchens have cropped up in many a makeover series these days, including the recent seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix. But merely being on television doesn’t make grey kitchens so popular; there’s persevering reasons as to why this palette is appealing.

First off, it offers a wider range of mood than plain white cabinets while still offering a sense of neutrality – depending on the shade you choose, you can have an inviting sense of warmth, or in the case of the black and grey kitchen, something more dramatic.

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In the past, homeowners have avoided grey kitchen designs due to the belief that it’s dull, boring or too modest. But really, this can be said about any colour if used incorrectly! By combining grey with other colours such as black and white, or textures including wood or coloured metal, interest can be brought to a space that may have otherwise looked bland.

Of course, one of the most popular areas where grey is used is in kitchen cabinetry, combined with matte or glossy finishes in order to add further impact. Grey cabinets against a white wall can create contrast or can be mixed up with shades of charcoal for more drama.

If you aren’t keen on wall-to-wall grey, you can instead choose grey nuances to add this chic hue to your kitchen. Think about grey tiles on the splashback or a particular-coloured marble or concrete on the countertop.

Grey has also endured in the kitchen due to the way it interacts with metal, allowing for metallic shades such as copper to pop. While it may not be for everyone, a grey kitchen lends itself to many different design approaches without rapidly dating. Taupe is another excellent colour to incorporate into a grey kitchen colour scheme, helping to break up colour while remaining neutral.

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Other splashes of pastel or brighter colour can also benefit a grey kitchen. Yellow is an uplifting addition that looks great, as does pastel blue, taupe, or even pink if you’re feeling a little daring. Again, you don’t need to go all out when pairing other colours with a grey kitchen colour scheme – sometimes less is more and still very unique.

At the end of the day, a grey kitchen can be as relaxed or as dramatic as you wish, with endless options for styling and colour play. And nobody knows that better than the Clarendon team, thanks to our innovative Colour Studio. If you’re after a home with a kitchen that doesn’t just function excellently, but looks good while you’re cooking in it, we’re ready to make your big dreams a reality.