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Style and design /16.12.21

Decorating your alfresco for the festive season

Alfrescos are often the heart of open-plan entertaining spaces in summer as they can be used rain, hail or shine. At Clarendon Homes, we include an integrated alfresco and porch into every home which not only saves you thousands of dollars after handover, but provides a versatile space that can be utilised to the max. Decorating the alfresco during the holiday season is an exciting time, as you get ready to see family members and host an amazing party. We’ve broken down how to decorate your alfresco and impress the crowd.

Prep Your Space

As with any job, a clean slate is often easiest to work with. Move your existing furniture out of the way, put your washing machine to work and wash your lounge cushions and get your pressure washer ready. Cleaning the flooring and wiping away the cobwebs from winter will open up a seemingly brand new space to bright and beautiful prospects. On top of this, having a large empty space can strike inspiration and even help you envision what you’re looking to change the space into. Starting fresh will show you just how welcoming it can be if you’re looking to create an open space for entertaining.

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Matching The Flow

When placing your furniture, it’s important to create a space that flows with the interior of your home and how you’re going to use the space. Even though a couple of chairs around a table might look amazing, a big family will not be able to properly utilise the space. Similarly, having a lot of lounge space won’t be functional when entertaining as there’s no space for tables or barbecues. 

Arranging your furniture to suit your situation and how you intend to use the space throughout the holidays is key to a truly successful decorated space alfresco. Placing tables or eating spaces under lighting is great for later in the night when you’re winding down, whereas keeping barbecues on the edge of your alfresco and out of the way of curious hands is necessary when the whole family’s over. Clarendon Homes home designs allow for a natural flow from the kitchen right out to the edge of your backyard. Our open-plan kitchen, dining and alfresco spaces allow you to decorate the alfresco as a key part of the home to create a space that conforms to the way you live. 

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qld display-homes Lomandra-Park Boston-38-MR boston-38-alfresco-812-x-465


Finally, the most exciting part. Now that you’ve visualised what you wanted and thought about how you plan to use the space, it’s time to decorate for the festive season! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or anything in between, matching the colour palette of your holiday to the accessories on your alfresco makes for a put-together, festive space! 

Cushion covers, placements, tea towels, trees and candles are all great additions to add character and create harmony between your space and the holiday. Candles and trees look great as stand alone features next to lounges or in the corner as somewhere you can stand and admire or even celebrate around. Once the festive season is over, it’s easy to swap out cushion covers, add mats and put away trees to convert it back to your pre-holiday theme. 

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