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5 things to do with a spare room

If you’re about to (or already have) moved into a new home with a room to spare, you’re probably wondering what you can do with the space. While one of the most obvious things to do with a spare room would be to turn it into a guest bedroom, unless you’re constantly having people visit, chances are that room could be put to better use. So, let’s skip that idea for now.

Rather than letting the extra room languish and accumulate junk, here are five spare room ideas that let you make the most of this valuable space.

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1. Turn It into a Home Gym

Gym memberships can be great in theory, but long-term they can be rather expensive, especially if you don’t take advantage of everything your gym has to offer. A home gym is a great alternative spare bedroom idea – instead of paying money weekly for a gym, direct the money toward buying or paying off professional exercise equipment instead, and use your spare room to work out in.

You can make the room feel more like a gym studio with mirrors, weights, workout mats, a treadmill, boxing equipment – whatever you prefer.

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2. Create a Rumpus Room for the Kids

Give your kids a fun place to watch movies, play video games and hang out with their friends. By letting them be a part of the design and setup of their new rumpus room, it also gives them a sense of independence and some personal responsibility to keep the room tidy.

You could even buy a couch for the kids that folds out into a bed, so that they can have friends over without having to turn the family living area into a campground.

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3. Make It a Home Office

You don’t need to work from home to make use of a home office. It’s a great small spare room idea, since you don’t need a lot of space: just room for a desk, your computer, and any drawers or cabinets to keep files in. It can be a good place to sort your taxes, file important documents, plan out your family budget, and much more.

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4. Use It As An Art Or Hobby Studio

If you’re after productive spare room ideas, using your spare room as a place to partake in arts and crafts can be very uplifting. It’s a great way to keep creative clutter – whatever it may be – contained to one room and can also help get the creative juices flowing.

Whether you paint, knit, quilt, make your own jewellery or make your own clothes, it can be fantastic to have a place for crafting. Similarly, you can dedicate the spare room to playing music, computer games, watching movies, writing novels or exploring meditation.

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5. Rent It Out for Spare Income

If you’re wondering what to do with a spare room to make you a little extra income, why not rent the room out on Airbnb or a similar site? This allows you to have a guest bedroom when friends and family visit and rent the room out when it’s free. There are also other options, such as renting long-term to overseas students – there are some agencies that will pay you to open your doors to homestays.

If you like the idea of having a space for your hobbies and interests (or for making you a little extra money), why not build your new home with Clarendon? Take a look at our three-bedroom homes and have room to spare!