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10 Ways to Decorate Your Alfresco

11.10.21 - Style and Design

Before you choose what your alfresco will look like, it’s important to understand what level of functionality and practicality you’re designing for. The decoration of your alfresco depends entirely on what best suits your lifestyle. We’ve developed 10 different tips for the perfect combination of functionality, practicality and design.


1. Are you going to be using it year round or will it be Summer exclusive? This could determine whether or not you need fans or heating installed in your alfresco. You can add these as additional upgrades when picking your inclusions.


2. You should consider whether you’re decorating for a larger family unit or a smaller family unit. Will you need a larger outdoor table and lots of seating, or more relaxed arm chairs and a coffee table? Choosing furniture to achieve a practical, functional space for your outdoor area largely revolves around your lifestyle. 


3. Is your alfresco under cover? Clarendon homes come standard with a ceiling but if you choose to extend or modify your alfresco, this could mean you choose to leave it uncovered. If you choose to leave it uncovered, you may want to look into adding a statement pergola to create a relaxing ambience, or perhaps you may want to take advantage of your uncovered alfresco and add a lounge chair to bask in the sun.


4. Does your alfresco connect to your backyard? A barbecue or pizza oven will provide great outdoor entertainment alongside extra seating. Furthermore, bringing some of the greenery from your yard onto your alfresco could brighten the space up and make it look lively. From vertical gardens to smaller feature plants, going green is very on trend right now.


5. Do you have a pool? Additional storage for pool supplies will come in handy when summer hits. If your alfresco connects to your living room, you might also want to keep towels nearby to avoid wet drips through the house. 


6. You don’t want your alfresco to look cramped and over-crowded with furniture. Will you need to divide the space with furniture? If you have multiple recreational points, such as a barbecue and dining area, it could be practical to face the dining table horizontally from the barbecue area to maximise space. 


7. If you have smaller children you might want to consider child-friendly furniture. This could include avoiding potential hazards such as sharp table edges or steering clear from glass table tops to avoid a constant mess of fingerprints. Whichever it may be, it's important to consider how this may change over time.

8. Incorporating the facade of your home to your interior styling could provide a predetermined colour scheme for your alfresco. If you’ve got a Hamptons facade, light airy furniture, such as rattan, would match the best. Whereas if you had a more modern facade, darker woods would match against the squarer edges. Of course, all of this depends on your styling preference and what furniture brings you the most joy.

9. The most exciting consideration, what’s the style of your home? Any additional customisations you’ve added, such as wainscoting or handpicked cornices, could mean your alfresco becomes a feature of your home! 

10. Lastly, if you’re working towards a particular budget, it might be useful to look into second-hand furniture too. Vintage pieces could create both a feature on your alfresco as well as a fun conversation starter.

We believe that decorating your brand new alfresco should incorporate functionality without sacrificing design. New spaces can be difficult without guidance but with these tips, you’re fit for any occasion. If you’re looking for more visual tips, you can follow us on our Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook for daily inspiration, or visit your nearby display homes to look at how we’ve designed our alfrescos. 

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