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10 diy patio decorating ideas

When it comes to decorating the backyard, our minds tend to jump to the expensive option: landscaping. But there are plenty of DIY patio decorating ideas out there that can bring your backyard to life – on a budget, no less.

If you’re searching for some patio decorating ideas on a budget, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve selected some very achievable cheap patio decorating ideas that combine everything from build-it-yourself to thrifted items and more.

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1. Brighten Up The Space With Pillows

If you have some fairly plain-Jane furniture on your patio, it’s easily brightened up with the addition of some cushions – and you don’t even need to go out and buy new ones, either. Instead, try your local op-shop, where you can probably pick up some cushions for just a few dollars. Then, cover them in some new pillowcases in your favourite designs – it works out cheaper than buying brand new cushions, and you can customise them as you please. It’s a great patio décor idea that can make old furniture look new again.

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2. Bring It All Together With An Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is a great way to bring a modern patio space together. Outdoor rugs are designed to stand up to the elements better than an indoor rug, usually being made from woven plastic and able to be easily hosed down to be kept clean. And as you can see, it makes for a modern patio design idea that won’t break the bank.

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3. Make A Deck Without Building A Deck

If you have a concrete slab underfoot as part as your patio, try using deck tiles to create a more inviting space. It’s a much cheaper way to achieve the look of a deck without spending thousands to actually build a deck. They’re also great for use on small balconies (we’ve got tips for decorating those, too!).

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4. Upcycle To Create Some Planters

Garden planters can be quite expensive, so why not be thrifty with some DIY patio décor made from bits and pieces you might find around the house? If you have an old chest of drawers, you can pull the drawers out, drill holes in the base, and use these as planter boxes around your patio. Or, turn the entire chest of drawers on its side and fill with soil to create a raised garden.

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5. Warm Up In Winter With A Fireplace You Can Build Yourself

A fire pit is a relatively cheap patio decorating idea that can be as simple as a metal container in which to hold the kindling and flames, and some cinder blocks. This video shows you how to make your own fairly easily using inexpensive materials such as gravel and angled pavers.

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6. Enjoy Your Space Day Or Night With The Right Lights

The right lighting does wonders for any space in the home, including patios. String lights can be picked up relatively cheaply and can help to create an inviting atmosphere. You can also try lanterns and outdoor candles – it’s up to you.

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7. Enjoy Your Drinks Outdoors With A DIY Bar

If you want to kick back in the summer and enjoy your patio, a bar is a great way to do it. But instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a custom-made bar, why not go the DIY patio décor route and make your own? By getting creative with concrete or cinder blocks, you can create a bar on which you can perch your favourite wines and beers when entertaining. The best thing about this is, you can make it look as modern or rustic as you like by using new wood or recycled wood and shipping pallets.

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8. Accessorise With As Little (Or As Much) As You Want

Accessories are a simple way to brighten up any patio, whether it be a modern patio design or something a little more rustic. Privacy screens, shade clothes, plenty of plants and furniture can do wonders for a space that’s otherwise shabby without the need for tearing down walls or breaking up old pavers. You can by thrifty about it by checking op-shops, eBay, or even Facebook marketplace.

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9. Give Your Old Furnishing A New Coat Of Paint

Almost every patio has that outdoor table – the one made from steel with a glass top. Often, they collect a lot of dust and can look rather plain, but they can look very different with just a bit of DIY know-how. Seeking Lavender Lane achieved this look with tiles, plywood, and a few other trims. If you’re looking for patio ideas on a budget, this is a great way to make a cheap table look quite fancy.

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10. A Pond That Won’t Break The Bank

In-ground ponds may be tricky to put together on your own, as they involve some labour-intensive processes and they likely won’t fit onto your patio. Stock tanks are a very popular means of creating a raised pond (no landscaping required!) in smaller areas, and they’re available from farm supply stores, so they’re not hard to get a hold of. Add in some water plants and a pump if you like, and you’ve got a rather unique patio décor idea.

Now, imagine implementing these ideas in your new Clarendon Home! After some more home décor ideas? Take a look at our top 10 ideas for balcony decoration, or how to create a modern façade for your home.