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We're a Family business

At Clarendon Homes, we know that far too many people settle for a home that’s not truly them. That’s why, back in 1978, one man decided to give all his time, all his knowledge, all his heart – into designing and building homes specifically for everyday Australians. Our founder and CEO Peter Campbell set about building new homes, but not just any homes. They were homes with heart – there’s a big difference. At Clarendon Homes, we think a home with heart is a home that’s made just for you. It means you were there from the very beginning. You chose the design, you chose the inclusions, you picked the colour scheme, and you made adjustments where necessary to suit your life.

Sure, there are definitely some older homes that can feel like home, but so much of the time you inherit bad plumbing, aged wiring, and non-environmentally friendly products that were used to build the home. Peter’s vision was to design new homes so you’d never be left wanting for anything. You and your family would have all the room you need. There’d be plenty of storage, a stunning designer kitchen, entertaining areas and stylish bathrooms.

Ever since then, our Clarendon family has grown and flourished, so that we now build beautiful homes for our wonderful customers all across South East Queensland and New South Wales. We’ve always been passionate about what we do, and we know it's all worth the effort when we see your smile the day we hand you the keys to your new Clarendon Home.

The Clarendon Story
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