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Lyndhurst 23

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Lyndhurst 23

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A unique home for the lively family

Families have a lot going on. Work and play all happen under the one roof as families grow and mature.  A home designed for families needs to cater for a family coming together as well as creating spaces for independent activities. The Lyndhurst is designed with the busy family in mind, with plenty of flexible spaces to come together and play and distinct spaces to go and do your own thing – a kid’s retreat for study and play, areas for mum and dad away from the action and spaces for entertaining and relaxing. Look for a home design with more in mind, just like your family.


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Kiet 25

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235.2m2 (25.32sq)
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Marko 23

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209.83m2 (22.59sq)
Lyndhurst 23
Lyndhurst 26
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Lyndhurst 23

Lyndhurst 23 Home Design - Bed
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Lyndhurst 23

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