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Clarendon Homes QLD
Clarendon Homes QLD reserves the right to change plans, specifications, materials and suppliers without notice. Building in some areas may attract construction loading. Dimensions, sketches and computer renderings contained on this website are approximate only. Interior photographs are an indication only and may not represent the home on display. All content Copyright 2001-2007 Clarendon Residential Group.


Prices Disclaimer

Prices are based on Traditional facade in face brick and tile roof. Quoted size is based on under roof area as per standard working drawings.  Pricing only applies to homes built within the Brisbane City Council area only. Additional fees may apply for construction within other local authorities.  Tweed, Tamborine Mountain, west of Amberley and other regional areas incurs an additional surcharge - POA. For conditions that apply to building with Clarendon, please visit a display centre, clarendon.com.au or call 13 63 93. Clarendon Homes reserves the right to change design, specification, promotions, materials, suppliers and pricing without notice.  Items may vary in colour, style and finish to those on display.   Display homes feature optional extras.  For more information, please refer to your sales consultant.  Prices are correct as at the date of this price list.


Facade Gallery Disclaimer

Facade renders used on this website are a style and are for illustrative purposes only and are not house specific. They may demonstrate optional enhancements such as Colorbond roof, rendering and feature brickwork/tiles that are not standard but are available as an optional upgrade. Each facade may look slightly different from one house type to another and not all facades are available on every home. Items such as landscaping, water features and decking are not supplied by Clarendon Homes. Ask your New Home Consultant for full details on standard inclusions on the home and facade you have chosen. Standard facade pricing is based on face brick (and cladding to double storey homes) with roof tiles unless otherwise specified.


6 Star Energy Disclaimer

6 Star Energy Ratings are dependant on colour schemes selected and site orientation on your chosen block.


18 Week Build on Time

The guaranteed 18 week build time is subject to the following conditions:

1.        Applies only to single storey homes;

2.        Applies only to homes 32 squares and under (including garage);

3.        The only variations allowable to the standard home are as per the Clarendon Variation Policy.  The 18 week promotional build time will not apply where there are structural variations to the home;

4.        Applies only if the home is built on the builder's preferred siting on the site;

5.        Does not apply to sites with fall greater than 1.5 metre or sites with difficult access or hidden site conditions (including but not limited to rock, buried material, artifacts, sewer and other underground services affecting the building works);

6.        The builder will be entitled to an extension of time for variations, suspension of works due to a breach of the contract by the owner, or the owner's failure to make a payment on time, inclement weather, disputes with neighbours or residents, civil commotion or industrial action, anything done or not done by the owner or by an agent, contractor or employee of the owner, a delay in getting any approval (not caused by the builder), industry shut down period (usually 4-5 weeks over Christmas and New Year), any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the builder, including but not limited to a delay in the supply and/or availability of trades and/or materials to the site;

7.        Applies only to carpet and tiling in standard areas (ie. wet areas, kitchen, family and meals areas) and excludes porcelain tiles;

8.        18 week promotional building period commences the day on which the site is scraped;

9.        18 week promotional building period concludes the day on which the certificate of occupancy is issued and the final inspection is completed by the builder.


Guaranteed Start Date

The “Guaranteed Start Date” is subject to:

1.        The owner providing Clarendon Homes (Qld) Pty Ltd with the essential information as set out in clause 2.1 (a),(b),(c),(d) & (f) of the Contract;

2.        All necessary building permits and planning approvals have been obtained in accordance with clause 2.1 (e) of the Contract;

3.        Payment of the deposit in accordance with clause 4.2 of the Contract;

4.        Does not apply where town planning is required;

5.        The land title date;

6.        The land settlement date;

7.        The client providing access to the land;

8.        Clarendon Homes (Qld) Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the Start Date ie. inclement weather;

9.        The Guaranteed Start Date may be delayed by the industry shut down period;

10.     The Start Date will be provided to the owner once 1, 2 & 3 have been complied with.


Life Time Structure Guarantee

At Clarendon, we care about the craftsmanship of our homes and the service we provide, because we want you to experience a new level of living. Our life time structural guarantee is Clarendon’s belief in the quality of the homes we build, and your assurance that you are building with a leader in the industry.

You’ve worked hard to build the home you’ve always wanted, and it’s only natural you’ll want to be confident that it will withstand the test of time. That’s why Clarendon gives you a life time structural guarantee, so you can have peace of mind and relax in your brand new home.

Clarendon’s guarantee covers major structural element defects, attributable to defective design or workmanship. This includes situations where the defect results in the building or part of the building being unsuitable for use, physical damage to the building or the building posing a threat of physical damage or collapse.

The structural elements of your home are those elements which are essential to the building’s stability and structural integrity, namely, the frame, roof trusses, slab, piers and footings.

At Clarendon, we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of our homes. In the unlikely event that you become aware of a major structural element defect in your home, please notify us in writing immediately. If your home is subject to a major structural element defect, it will be fixed by Clarendon at our own cost within a reasonable time after receiving your notice.

There are some conditions under which our guarantee becomes void. These include if you have carried out structural alterations or additions to the property, or if you have transferred/sold the property or if the damage has been caused by a lack of reasonable maintenance or action to minimise damage. You should take care to maintain your home over its lifetime, including, major maintenance activities such as replacing roof tiles after their useful life. This will protect the structural integrity of your home and minimise the likelihood of your guarantee becoming void.

The everyday ageing of your home is also not covered by our guarantee. This includes shrinkage and minor settlement cracks and normal wear and tear. Damage caused by an act of nature which exceeds that allowed for by the relevant Australian Standards or good building practice is also not covered.


AIR CON PACK – Fully Ducted Air Con Conditioning for $21...

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Ducted Air Conditioning System to all double and single storey homes in the Clarendon Collection range.
  • Air Con System includes the ZONE 10e control panel to all homes.
  • This system includes 6 Zones ONLY as standard – however allows for up to 10 zones at an extra cost. 
  • The Smart Phone Advantage Air – Zone 10 App is free from the App Store, and works wifi to wifi (wifi module is built in to product).  
  • Model types and KW power are determined by home design and manufacturer’s specifications. Please refer to the HOMEDEAL AIR CONDITONING Information Pack.
  • If the home is varied to such an extent that it requires a larger unit or more outlets than the standard plan, the additional cost is to borne by the client.
  • Ducted Air Con includes power connection (3 phase where applicable) from the street point in a direct line to the home up to a 6 (six) metre setback. Additional setback or re-direction of the three phase power connection to an alternate side of the home or where a metre box is located in a non standard position, may incur additional fees.

FLOORS PACK – Quality Carpet with Tiles or Timber-Look Floors for $21...

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Carpet T&C’s

  • Carpet from the Builders Range at Flooring Creations.
  • Up to 20 ranges to choose from. Each range having up to 7 colour choices.
  • Installed on upgraded 10mm underlay.
  • Carpet to all bedrooms and some designated living areas as specified on flooring layout plans (design specific).  Please ask for details about your chosen design.

Tiles T&C’s

  • Tiles from “Silver Range” at Beaumont Tiles.
  • Tiles to all main living areas as specified (design specific).  Includes tiles to Alfresco and porch areas.  Please ask for details about your chosen design.
  • Tiles to wet areas remain as standard and have not changed with this promotion.
  • Excludes any additional labour associated with tile selection outside the standard sizing or porcelain/rectified edge tiles.

Timber-Look Flooring T&C’s

  • Choice of timber-look flooring from the Builders Range at Flooring Creations.
  • Available in the Clix, Titan 8, Riva and Ecturf brands (waste and trims/scotia included) with a range of colours to choose from.
  • Laminate Floor to all main living areas as specified (design specific).
  • Excluding wet areas, kitchen, entry, alfresco & porch – these areas include tiling.
  • Tiles to wet areas remain as standard and have not changed with this promotion.
  • Clarendon Homes strongly recommends a 1.0m wide tile area adjacent to any external opening (entrance doorway) due to maintenance issues relating to water damage.  Clarendon also recommends tiles to kitchen where there is the potential for water damage (near kitchen sink, etc).  Should the customer choose to have laminate flooring in either of these areas, they will not be covered by warranties. 
  • The remaining areas are subject to normal warranty conditions.
  • Timber look floors will be installed with expansion joints as per manufactures detail.
  • Scotias trims will be installed between laminate flooring and skirting/cabinetry.

UPGRADE PACK – Upgrade from Ruby to Sapphire Inclusions for $21...

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Full pack must be taken. No substitutions will be accepted.

EXTERIOR PACK – Full Render with Colorbond Roof or Flat Profile Roof Tiles for $21...

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Full Render T&C’s

  • Full render is based on a Hebel constructed home only – excludes brick veneer.
  • Render is excluded from those areas that show cladding to the standard Facade drawing. Please ask you Sales Consultant for a detailed drawing of your chosen facade style.

Colorbond Roof T&C’s

  • Includes snap vents to eaves.
  • Excludes roof ventilators.
  • Excludes Sarking and Anti-con blanket under Colorbond roof.

Flat Profile Roof Tiles T&C’s

  • Flat Profile Roof Tiles are from the Bristile Roofing Classic Range only.
  • Flat Profile Tiles are not available on all facades.
  • Excludes sarking under flat profile roof tiles.
  • Roof pitch of a minimum 22.5 degrees is required to select Classic roof tile option. Roof pitch lower than this will attract a cost for sarking, which is not included and will be passed onto the client.