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6 Things To Consider When Building A Two-Storey House

06.11.19 - Building Your Home

A two-storey house is no ordinary build. There are quite a few extra bits and pieces you’ll need to be across when you’re planning to build a double-storey house compared to a single storey.

1. Choosing Land

When it comes to choosing a block, you don’t need to be as concerned with size. Building up means you can fit more floorspace on a block, meaning you don’t have to find something massive to make do.

2. The Needs of Your Family

Is there something unique about your family’s needs? Would an extra half-bathroom make all the difference on weekday mornings? Or would a cinema room help bring everyone together in the evenings?

When you’re working with double-storey house designs, you may have more room for those luxury additions you’ve only dreamt of. So why not go for gold and include them?

3. Finishing Expenses

This really comes down to how you build your home and what finishings you’re looking for.

If you go for a builder, you’ll get a quote up front. However, that quote can really blow out by the time you turn the key, once all the finishing touches are accounted for.

That’s where businesses like Clarendon can help. You can pick out the exact finishings you’d like, put a number next to them, and know exactly what you’ll pay. It’s usually a cheap and efficient way to go, and it’s never in doubt. And with all the chaos of building a two-storey house, that little bit of budget safety can make a big difference to your stress levels.

4. Orientation

If your block is facing north, what parts of the house are you going to be warming in the winter? If it’s looking east, which upstairs rooms are going to get all the light in the mornings? If your area is prone to storms from the west, will anything precious be vulnerable to falling hail?

The orientation of your block can’t be an afterthought – it can really change how you live in (and enjoy) your home.

This doesn’t mean you’ll need to scrap the home you have in mind and start again. But it might mean you’ll want to think through what awnings, blinds, air con and heaters you have installed.

5. Build Times

To put it simply, double-storey homes take longer to build. If you’ll be between houses while the build takes place, you’ll need to take this into consideration (e.g. you may need to rent or burden your parents for a little longer).

6. The House You’ll Love

There’s too much time invested in a new home to not love the finished product. If you’re about to build a two-storey house, make sure you’re as in love with a house as you can be.

If you need some extra inspiration for what to buy, check out your local Clarendon Homes display centre. You can wander through some double-storey houses in person to get a true feel for what you’ll love.

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