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Visiting our display homes in Display Home Locations?display=35 is a good way to start your home-building journey, regardless of whether you are looking to build a new home, or planning a knock-down rebuild of your existing home. With display home locations in regions throughout NSW, all of our display homes are easily accessible.

To find the houses on display at Display Home Locations?display=35 , click on show houses to the left-hand side to begin your new home discovery.

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Find inspiration at Clarendon's display homes.

Whether you’ve already found the home design you’ve fallen in love with, or are still looking for the right design, our display home locations are the right place to find inspiration for your future home. At our Display Home Locations?display=35 display village, you will experience different designs, variations and can discover our various home inclusion packages.

What should you do before visiting the Display Home Locations?display=35 display village?

  1. First and foremost, you will need to have an idea of what you are after in terms of homes. Write down the elements that you wouldn’t go without in a home, the number of bedrooms you will need, and everything that matters the most to you. Secondly, you’ll need to think about your budget. It’s fine to visit without a budget in mind, but a reasonable price range will help your sale consultant understand what type of home is most suited to you.
  2. Have a look at our home designs and make a note of any questions you may have, and the features that look the most appealing to you. Our home designs come in different variations, and have three levels of inclusions that you might want to check.
  3. Decide which homes you would like to visit at the Display Home Locations?display=35 display home as each display centre comes with different designs.
  4. On the day of your visit, think about taking your notes and questions, as well as some paper, a pen and your smartphone to take pictures of the homes you like. Our sales consultants will guide you from there!

Our Display Home Locations?display=35 display home is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Should you have any question, please call us or use our contact form.